LESSON PLANS FOR April 20-May 8 
April 20-22
April 23,24 & 27
April 28, 29,30
May 1,4,5
May 6,7,8
Child Care Guidance, Mgmt
& Services
My email is diana.howard@bobcats.k12.ar.us
If you do not understand the assignment then email me and leave me your phone # and I will call you back between 9-3 pm. I will check for your questions at 8 a.m. each morning from M-F. I miss my students more that you know!!!!

Read a story to a child.

Facetime reading a bedtime story to a child in the evening.  if you cannot facetime them do it in person. 

Get outside and play a game with a child. Basketball, tball, or use sidewalk chalk and draw pictures with the children.

Name 10 childhood illnesses.  Write 1 paragraph on one that you have had.

Tell me in paragraph form what you enjoyed about the class and which teacher you enjoyed working with at the daycares.

Prep Period

Prep Period


Prep period
Prep Period

Prep Period

Child Development/Parenting

Some did not turn in the vocab words that were in the royal blue folders. Everyone had a folder on the front porch and they are still on the porch if you did not get your work turned in.

Define the following reflexes of a newborn:

1. Rooting





9.3 Name toys to stimulate a baby's Perception. Name the toy, brand & reason for choice:

birth to 3 months:

3 to 6 months:

6 to 9 months:

9 to 12 months:

Tell me ten things you liked in Child Development/Parenting.

You should write at least one paragraph.

Blue folders are for:

Katie Brewer,Blade Fisher, Madison Jones 10th, Ashley Moore, Sydney Robinson, Raelea Vampran, Trishton Wilson

Clothing II

Google quilting patterns. Email me a picture of your favorite design and put your name and name of design on what you send me.

Google Nine patch quilt design.  Since you may not have material. Draw a nine patch square and every other square has a differnet pattern.  You only have 2 patterns or colors to swap out.

Google and list your favorite quilt patterns. List 10 in order with #1 being your favorite.

Example for me:

1.Double wedding ring

2. Grandmother's flower garden

3. Crazy quilt

Write me a paragraph on what you liked the best in clothing & textiles.  Tell me 2 things we didn't get to do before Covid-19

If you didn't get to use the embroidery machine then when we get together again remind me and we will monogram or do some redwork. I had something great planned for you to do for a Mother's Day Gift

5TH and 7th
Family & ConsumerScience
This week we will be cooking.
Tell me 3 snack you like and read the label. Since they are carbs. Tell me the snack, the serving size, calories per serving and grams of carbs per serving
Plan 3 items for a breakfast. Explain to me which item is a protein food, a carb, and fat. 
List me 10 specific carb foods that you enjoy eating.          
Make a high carb item.  You know that has to be high starch like spaghetti or baked potato or sweet like a cake or pie.
Have parent sign off on this
Write me a paragraph on what you liked learning about in FACS.  Tell me why and you can tell me what you didn't enjoy if you would like to.
Housing & Interior Design

Name 6 kitchen layouts.

Which one is most efficient?

Examine your microwave oven at home: List:


Oven capacity:

Oven wattage:

power levels:

Turntable: yes or no            

Name 3 major appliances

Name 3 counter top appliances

Name 10 smallkitchen utensils

Name 5 accesories  used for dining.


Define appliance terms.

convection oven

convention oven

induction cooktop

self-cleaning oven

energy guide label




microwave oven


Google how to clean and care for a cast iron skillet.


Write me a paragraph on this procedure.